An Active-Adult Community
of 66 Single-Family Homes
Located in Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


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Page 10 of the Homeowner Manual has been revised to more accurately comply with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Please click here to retrieve the updated page 10 of the Homeowner Manual, dated August 11, 2017.


Click here to read Dave Fazio's message to all homeowners. His message will be on a secure page of this website and will require a User Name and Password to read it. Homeowners who need the User Name and Password can click here.


Dave Fazio has agreed to take Ed Tosten's place on the board through April 2019 and will serve as board president.

Dan Leidy has agreed to fill out the remainder of Rick Cline's term on the board, through April 2019; he will serve as treasurer.

The Kingsfield Community will surely miss the leadership provided by our departing board members Ed and Rick. Their contributions to the community and their service is to be applauded. Best wishes to both in their retirement from the board.

Click here to meet the board of directors.

Click here to read Ed's letter of resignation.
Click here to read Rick's letter of resignation.
Click here to read the Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting, approving the appointment of Dave Fazio and Dan Leidy as board members.


Mens Lunch - Wednesday, August 23 - 1 p.m. - Souderton Restaurant, Main Street

Kingsfield Golf - Every Tuesday - Schedule at the Kingsfield Golf Button in the Left Column

Book Club - 2nd Monday Every Month - Noon - Lunch at Souderton Mennonite Homes

Bridge Club - 2nd & 4th Monday Afternoons

Click the the "Activities" button in the left column for details about these and other Kingsfield activities.

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Click here to read the Franconia Township police department's web page, which offers information about where to drop off unused and expired drugs, a change in the requirements for a concealed weapons permit, and a registry for special-needs residents.

Never place bottles of prescription drugs in the regular trash containers in our neighborhood, and NEVER flush pills or liquid drugs down the drain.

Click here for information about internet safety and free senior adult safety presentations.


Homeowners who would like to have their mailbox posts straightened could call Travis Hetrick at Absolute Home Service at 215-799-9866 or send an E-mail to His company also will replace damaged mailboxes.

House numbers that match the original Bright Goldleaf Swirl numbers placed on mailboxes by the builder can be purchased from Display & Sign Center in Line Lexington. Click here for details. Their phone number is: 215-822-9469. The cost for house numbers for the mailbox is about $20, plus tax.


Home-services recommendations of Kingsfield residents are posted on a private, secured page for homeowners to read as they are considering having work done on their homes.

See the Home Services button in the left column to see the April 2017 update. The questionnaire on that page will be sent to Ed Tosten, president of the HOA, who will compile the listing of recommended vendors. To get the ID and password to view that page, click here.

There are many reasons to keep up with home maintenance. See the Maintenance Tips button in the left column for some suggestions specific to Kingsfield homes. This page also is posted on a private, secured page.


The Forms button at the top of this page includes the revised Alteration Request Form and the Site License Form. The page includes instructions on how and where to submit a requests for landscape and architecural changes.


The following home-maintenance tips were discussed at a recent Mens Breakfast gathering:
- Run water in unused tubs, toilets and sinks from time to time.
- Check all power outlets to be sure there is a good electrical connection and replace bad outlets.
- Clean the dryer-duct hose periodically. See Jeff's ad above.
- Check all siding, stucco and concrete walls for mold and dirt stains. Clean if dirty.
- Check to be sure that water drains properly from pans beneath water heaters and furnaces.


The directory of homeowners was updated in April. Click the "Directory" button in the left column; then enter the ID and password to view and print the directory. If your information is incorrect, please fill out the form on that page.


The Directory and HOA Reports sections require an ID and password. If you misplace your ID and password, contact:

Also, everyone should refresh their website browsers from time to time to read updated files such as the directory of homeowers. Those who have questions about how to do that can click the "webmaster" text above.


Free windows are available for a limited time for homeowners whose windows have problems (fogging, water vapor inside the panes, etc.). Measure the width and height of the affected windows and call Bob Walker, who has offered up to 14 windows to Kingsfield residents. His phone number is in the community directory.


Announcements about homes for sale in Kingsfield will be made at the top of this page when a for-sale sign appears in the planting bed in front of a house, when the house is listed for sale on a real estate company's website or when a homeowner contacts this website. Realtors can place advertisements on this site by clicking on the "Our Sponsors" button above.


Sick of paying high property taxes? You'll be glad to know that several Kingsfield homeowners appealed their property tax assessments last year and have received substantial decreases in the amount of taxes owed.

Homeowners who wish to appeal their property tax assessments in 2017 (for possible reductions in 2018) must file their appeals by August 1, 2017. Click here to retrieve the blank form to make the appeal. You will need to write on that form the current "County Assessment" value and the "Parcel #" printed at the top right of your latest property tax bill.

To get an idea how much money can be saved, homeowners can use an "Assessment Calculator" prepared by a Kingsfield resident. Click here to download that calculator, which is an Excel spreadsheet.

Two pieces of information are needed to get the calculator to work:

First, find the current "County Assessment" value printed at the top right of the latest property tax bill. That amount should be entered in the left box at the top of the calculator page. Second, type in the other box at the top of the page an amount you think your house is worth if it were to be sold today. The calculator then will show you how much your 2018 property tax bills should be.